painter / sculptor


Bruce Wm. Walsh

    Thank you for visiting my website! I have only a few of my oil paintings on and sadly no metal sculptures  (except for the pyramid) at this time...but I hope to have some on in the near future.

    For over 2 decades I have been trying to raise funds to fight the addiction crisis in the U.S. by opening a "Youth Art Workshop" to keep youths occupied in their spare time to help them stay off the streets and out of trouble. I've had a book published, produced a documentary video, posted several YouTube videos...unfortunately, none of these succeeded at raising the funds needed to open the facility. I've been blessed with a new clean & sober life...and I am determined to someday find a way to get the workshop open, but for now I just take life one day at a time.

   I am looking for like-minded people to help get this project going. If interested, please call, text or email me. Thank you for your time!

 Bruce Wm.Walsh

Ph. 828-505-6389

Email:  (a tribute to my late parents, Geneva & Jack Walsh)