I was raised on a farm in central Illinois until the age of 12, then we moved from town to town. My inability to cope with that led me start drinking & using drugs at age 15. After dropping out of high school, I learned to weld and traveled thru-out the U.S. welding and continuing my drug/alcohol habit.

   To make a long story short I managed to get off the dope in 1989, had a couple relapses, was homeless numerous times...but now back on track for nearly 4 years.

   I've tried and failed at many things, and succeeded at a few...but I keep trying...which is my message to others. No matter what adversity you're facing, you CAN overcome it...NEVER GIVE UP!

   We are all "in this together"...let's do what we can to help others and maybe someday live in that "Utopian society" we've seen in the movies!! Hey...anything's possible!

 Thank you & God Bless!

​Bruce Wm.Walsh   Ph.828-505-6389