​At least I tried...

     I don't know what else to do. When I got clean & sober in 1989, I set out to try and help those still suffering from addiction discover how GREAT it feels to be freed from that negative lifestyle. I once produced a documentary film in the 90's hoping people would watch it and be inspired to get clean...few people ever watched it. I wrote a book in 1999 and it was published in 2000 (titled "Reversal of Misfortune")... few ever read that. I have made several YouTube videos trying to raise awareness and fight drug addiction...sadly they did not go viral and few saw those as well.

    In all these endeavors I was trying to raise money to help fund a LONG held dream of mine (27 years) to open a "Youth Art Workshop" where youths could come in there spare time to stay off the streets and use their time constructively, instead of throwing their life away on drugs & alcohol. Unfortunately, I succeeded at none of them...and the drug crisis, particularly the heroin crisis, goes on with no end in sight.

    At this point, I throw my hands up in complete frustration...I am trying to help, and no one seems to be listening...or perhaps just don't care anymore.

All I know is this...I wake up every day and feel so good to be clean & sober... It's incredible to not have to spend any more of my valuable time wondering where and how I am going to acquire more drugs...In spite of all my "failures",

I feel like the luckiest guy in the world!

  Bruce Wm. Walsh

Updated: 1/31/18