The Heroin Crisis

     As a recovering addict/alcoholic, part of our recovery is to help those who still suffer... and perhaps most important, prevent those who are in danger of falling into the "drug lifestyle". Heroin was one of the few drugs I never tried, but my experience as an addict gives me the ability to relate to other addicts, regardless of their choice of poison. My goal is to speak to as many high school students in the coming months as possible to share my story of how drugs and alcohol ruined my life, and how I was able to escape the grip it had on me.

     In the video I give only a sample of what I would say to young people...there is so much more I could have said, and wanted to say, but I had to keep it short...and I'm not an actor so I made a couple mistakes, so bear with me. I could type numerous paragraphs about my story, but I don't want people to "click off" and go somewhere else. Having said that, here are just a few points about my life...

* I grew up on a farm in Illinois...I learned the value of hard work.

​* My family moved several times after the age of 12 and my inability to cope with this led me to start drinking & using drugs.

* I dropped out of high school and drifted from job to job & town to town.

* My habit grew worse and I had several periods of homelessness

* I entered rehab in 1989 and haven't had a drink since...although I had a few relapses with my cocaine habit...even after 11 straight years of being clean and sober.

* I've been clean & sober now for just under 4 years.

     For the first 10 schools who book me to speak to their students, I will donate an original oil painting to the school they can keep or sell...I do have a speaking fee of $250, only because I am not wealthy and have bills to pay like everyone else.

      Please contact me or my assistant Becky with any questions. Thank you!

Bruce Wm. Walsh   Ph. 828-505-6389

email: genjack12@gmail.com  (a tribute to my late parents Geneva & Jack Walsh)

Becky M. Ph.828-216-2115

email: Becky71375@gmail.com                          (Updated 11/3/17)